What People Are Saying About Low To Moderate Glycemic Index Carbs

December 12th, 2007    Subscribe To Our Feed

low to moderate glycemic index carbsIt really is such a hassle when you are trying to keep those unwanted pounds because not only it would require you from time and time again, to visit the gym or just have a regular workout but also it would entail you to watch your food intake. Right now, there is such a new craze when it comes to dieting and diabetes prevention which is the intake of foods that are said to have low to moderate glycemic index carbs. For those of you who are not familiar with the relationship of low to moderate glycemic index carbs, here are some facts that you need to know and you could see for yourself if this kind of diet can be the best for you. Also, here are some findings about low to moderate glycemic index carbs diet that many health professionals are concerned about for you to understand more about this diet plan.

Benefits Of The Diet

One of the many benefits that eating low to moderate glycemic index carbs could give you is that it initially could help you shed those unwanted weight because it has been found out that constant eating of high glycemic index foods is greatly related or could cause obesity. That is why right now, you get to watch different kinds of weight loss advertisement campaigns that are saying that they use the system of glycemic index in their program to entice people to buy their product or service.

? Quick Facts About the Glycemic Index
  • Foods that have a high glycemic index (gi) increase the sugar levels in the body rapidly while low glycemic index foods slowly increase the body;s sugar levels.
  • Eating low glycemic foods could help you lose weight. Properly done, you can sustain energy levels for a longer time period while eating less.
  • The response to a food with a particular glycemic index varies among individuals, depending on factors such as age, health, metabolism, etc.

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